The CAR-Network is a global diabetes prevention and management network initiated by Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen in 2017. It serves to strengthen the action phase of Cities Changing Diabetes. 



The overall mission of the network is to reduce diabetes health disparities and contribute to the prevention and management of diabetes type 2 among citizens living in CCD partnership cities through Community Action Research (CAR).



  • To foster local ownership, integration and sustainability of research and development processes on the prevention and management of diabetes type 2 in urban and local community settings
  • To facilitate the establishment of an international community of research and development partners using CAR methods and approaches in projects and initiatives addressing the prevention and management of diabetes type 2
  • To promote the establishment and funding of bilateral and multilateral collaborative research and development projects and initiatives involving CAR methods and approaches
  • To strengthen the knowledge and evidence base on the effects of primary prevention and management of diabetes type 2 involving CAR methods and approaches

The network is supported by Novo Nordisk and collaborates with key international organizations such as University of Texas (UoT) and University College London (UCL). 


What we do

a) Facilitates international collaboration by

  • Organizing discussions, meetings and workshop on CAR methods, approaches, outcomes and impact. 
  • Organizing bilateral and multilateral meetings between researchers and other professional stakeholders to promote collaboration on projects and initiatives involving CAR methods and approaches 
  • Disseminating information about funding opportunities for CAR based projects 

b) Strengthens the evidence base on CAR by

  • Gathering a variety of resources on CAR methods, approaches projects and initiatives made available online free of charge
  • Reviewing scientific literature and compiling and disseminating findings on best practices, effects and impacts of the projects and initiatives applying CAR methods and approaches 

c) Provides tools and training by

  • Providing technical and scientific support to the development and implementation of projects and initiatives based on CAR methods and approaches
  • Building capacity and providing training in CAR research and development initiatives 

The main audience for these functions is researchers and development partners of CCD projects and initiatives; other stakeholders from CCD partnership cities are welcome to join.